Why coaching?

Coaching gives direction

Why coaching?

  • Do you find yourself at a crossroads and do you want to set your (new) direction?
  • Do you need to find a new job, due to reorganisation or dismissal?
  • Or are you wondering ‘Is this all there is?’ and are you looking for new challenges?
  • Do you have a multicultural background and do you have problems ‘landing’ in Dutch society and in the Dutch working climate?
  • Or perhaps you have just returned from abroad to your ‘home country’ and you have problems settling down again?

Many people are not just searching for another job, but also for a way to realise their mission in life. I am inviting you to investigate what moves you, to discover your own motives and qualities.

Deep inside you often know very well what you want or what is good for you. Nevertheless, there seems to be something that keeps you from realising this. Resigning yourself to your fate and leading your usual life become less and less satisfactory. You realise that it is time to move forward and to overcome the hurdles.

Life is too short not to accomplish the things that fulfil you most and that make you happy. It is time to take control (again), to recognise persistent patterns and to make necessary adjustments. To see challenges and opportunities instead of problems and difficulties.

  • I am very satisfied with my coach trajectory. It has helped me to stand firm in an insecure period at my work due to a company takeover. And also considering my age. I can look at myself again with a fresh view. I am able to approach difficulties more as challenges, in a positive way. This is mainly due to the secure atmosphere that Janet created during the sessions.

    Saskia Schulte Netherlands Red Cross, secretary
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