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Tailor-made career counselling and personal development. For you if you are considering a career switch, if you wish to discover hidden talents, or if you want to re-orientate yourself on the job market.

Casita Coaching especially welcomes people who have their roots outside the Netherlands. Consultations can be held in both Dutch and English.

Mobility has become a buzzword of our times. There is an increased sense that we are no longer constrained to live in one place throughout our lives, or even in one place at a time. Similarly, we are no longer constrained to one lifelong job, or one single job at a time.

Geographic and social boundaries become blurred, and everything seems to be makeable. And that is precisely why we regularly cross our personal boundaries and risk to lose the connection with our inner self. Cultural borderlines appear to be persistent. Integrating the different life styles at your work place feels like a constant challenge.

In your personal or professional life you may get to a point where you think you have reached your limit. You are wondering whether you perform well enough. Whether you live the life you want, or whether you want to do something different and realise your dreams. Sometimes you reach this point because you are confronted with unpleasant circumstances or with your own limits. It feels as if you are stuck and you don’t know how to move forward.

  • "But do not ask me where I am going

    As I travel in the limitless world

    Where every step I take is my home"

    Eihei Dôgen (1200-1253)

Casita Coaching invites you to enter your ‘inner theatre’: your dreams, drives, motivations, perceptions and expectations as well as your hopes and possible threats. It helps you to view your current situation from a new perspective. The red thread is the connection between the past, the present and the future.

I am an energetic person who will encourage and arouse you to a higher level of awareness. I enjoy the challenge to help people in their career path, gaining new insights and removing any old barriers. You can expect from me purposive questioning and clear observations. Moreover you will get interesting and useful assignments that together with our conversations will lead to new insights, both personal and professional.

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