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Are you a highly-educated professional who feels – literally or figuratively – displaced? Do you feel that you could get more out of your work and life?
I am happy to help you with that! I am ready for anyone who has “crossed the border” and wants to come home to her/himself.

  • Do you have roots outside the Netherlands and do you find it difficult to navigate between two cultures?
  • Do you feel a constant urge to perform well and do you experience that you always have to run a little bit faster than your (Dutch) colleagues?
  • Did you come to the Netherlands with your expat partner and do you find it challenging to maintain your professional activity? (dual career)
  • Are you returning to your ‘home country’ after years abroad and are you having trouble ‘landing’ again?
  • Or do you always have a suitcase by the door, ready to hop to the next international assignment?

I can help you to:

  • Investigate possible limiting beliefs and conflicts of loyalty in order to make your own choices.
  • Understand where your perfectionism comes from and how to deal with it.
  • Touch base (again) in the Netherlands and reflect on what a new country and new experiences do to you.
  • Get a better grip on the cultural codes in the workplace.
  • Connect with your colleagues and dare to be yourself at the same time.

This means that you will:

  • Based on a firm connection with yourself and your life story, you will be able to connect with others.
  • Gain insight into your unique qualities and experiences: being aware of the power of being different.
  • Feel at home (again) in the Netherlands, rather than being a mere observer.
  • Experience more peace and pleasure from the confidence that you belong to a group.

So that you feel solid ground under your feet again!

My added value as an international coach is in dealing with people from different cultures. I know from my own experience how drastic it can be to let go of your familiar environment with the known norms and values ​​in order to build a completely new life elsewhere, with the necessary obstacles and misunderstandings. (Read more about my background here) My starting point is that intercultural enrichment is a personal enrichment. By living boundlessly and literally going off the beaten track you can open up to new experiences. That makes you a more complete person.

  • Janet helped me to (re)discover my personal and professional passions. Her services at Casita Coaching encouraged and inspired me to pursue new opportunities and goals.

    Elizabeth graduate student
  • Janet has guided me, within a short period, to what is important in my life, what my qualities are and what I want. The points to develop are challenges I want to take up. Janet’s way of coaching is pleasant. Not woolly, but to-the-point, with thorough conversations, assignments and reflection.

    Saskia Netherlands Red Cross, secretary
  • I am very satisfied about the coach trajectory. I was surprised how quickly Janet could give me insight into my situation.

    Agnes Netherlands Red Cross, former Head Contact Center
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