Tailor-made coaching

Exploratory talk

As a rule our collaboration starts with an informal talk, free of charge and non-binding, in order to define your coaching question and to discuss the possible approach. In case your employer has commissioned the coaching, he/she will be informed about the suggested road map.

My way of working is based on respect for you as a client and on trust in your self-learning and reflective capacity. Everyday practice and how you deal with it are at the basis of the learning process. I will stimulate you to take responsibility for your own (working and private) life, connecting with your own style and preferences. My approach is personal and goal-oriented, while all information is strictly confidential.

Main elements of the coaching sessions

Casita Coaching offers a series of successive sessions. After an exploratory talk and along the way we will determine which approach suits your situation and where we will put the emphasis.

    • You will investigate your life story and how it has formed you into the person you are today
    • You will look into your inventory of knowledge, experience and qualities
    • By dismantling any limiting beliefs about yourself you will (re)discover your drives, talents and interests
    • You will surprise yourself with new insights about your relationship to significant others / colleagues and you understand how you can connect with them in order to reach your goals
    • You will develop a sense of agency and self-direction

The coaching process also takes you into the shady side roads to face the doubts, concerns and fears which often lie unaddressed, pushed under the growing list of “to dos”. By facing these elements within the confines of a confidential space, what seemed like insurmountable obstacles can become manageable challenges. During the final session we will look in retrospect whether your goals have been reached, what insights have been gained and how these can be applied and secured in the future.

English and Dutch
Unless otherwise agreed, the coaching sessions take place in Zeist. Depending on your language proficiency, we will communicate in either Dutch or English. Please feel free to contact me for more information.

I am an accredited member of one of the renowned Dutch associations for career professionals, NOLOC, and as such I adhere to NOLOC’s ethical code.

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