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Janet Rodenburg

Life has made me to what I am today: career & life coach, with international and intercultural work and living experience, inquisitive and empathic. As such I am in the position to connect with people with a ‘hybrid identity’: people who live their lives in countries in which they are, at times, still seen as not fully belonging. Culture informs us about who we are and where we come from. If you don’t know where you come from, you will not know where to go. Perhaps that is the reason why some of us get lost.

  • I am always sceptical about these issues, especially when I don’t know beforehand what will happen and in what way. It gives me a feeling of being out of control. At the start of each session I did not know what would happen. However, because I had full trust in Janet, I let go. Also because I saw immediate results.

    Emina Policy officer

About ‘Casita’

The house in which I live was called  ‘Casita’ at the time it was built in the 1920s. (Casita is the Spanish word for ‘small house’.) The owner at the time, a novelist, had a small wooden house constructed in the backyard in which she retreated to devote herself to writing. Recently the building has been replaced by a more solid and comfortable garden house. This is where Casita Coaching is located, a place where every visitor should feel at home.

Casita represents ‘home coming’. It also symbolises security and protection: a roof over your head. My approach as a coach is characterised by safety and attention on the one hand and confrontation and surprise on the other hand. Only when there is a safe environment people dare to let go and try something new. A safe environment is created by acknowledging you and your questions without judging.



  • I am very satisfied about the coach trajectory. I was surprised how quickly Janet could give me insight into my situation.

    Agnes Netherlands Red Cross, former Head Contact Center
  • I liked the way Janet posed critical questions, because people seldom do. Someone who really listens, who keeps on asking and who is not satisfied with an ‘easy’ answer. That gives me a feeling of appreciation and respect. Janet is able to comment critically on a situation, which encourages me to look at it from another perspective.

    Marjan HR consultant
  • Janet helped me to (re)discover my personal and professional passions. Her services at Casita Coaching encouraged and inspired me to pursue new opportunities and goals.

    Elizabeth graduate student
  • Janet helped me to reconsider my life; what I want, how I want to organize my (working) life. She has helped me to get clear what my obstacles were and she has given me practical advice how to overcome these. I recently applied for a new function within my organisation and feel excited to embark on a new journey where I am at the helm.

    Lotte Netherlands Red Cross
  • Janet has guided me, within a short period, to what is important in my life, what my qualities are and what I want. The points to develop are challenges I want to take up. Janet’s way of coaching is pleasant. Not woolly, but to-the-point, with thorough conversations, assignments and reflection.

    Saskia Netherlands Red Cross, secretary
  • After all the loss I suffered, both in my home country and in the Netherlands, I needed safe and reliable support. Janet was able to offer that. She is a good listener, genuinely interested in your story. She challenges you to put a new twist on things. She is patient and leads you to a new 'home' in your present situation.  

    Azita Foundation for Refugee Students, HR advisor
  • Janet is a very friendly and warm coach. She is very good at listening and asking sharp questions. In this way she encouraged me to engage in self-exploration. We worked with several methods that helped me to better understand my current situation and behaviour.

    Boukje Netherlands Red Cross, advisor International Relations
  • I liked investigating my qualities. Now I have the feeling that I dare to mention my qualities and be proud of them. My self-confidence has grown immensely during the coaching sessions. I gained better insight into my qualities: I am not a person to stand still, I have to move, in every sense of the word.

    Emina Policy officer
  • The atmosphere during the sessions is pleasant and Janet has an open style of coaching. Janet challenges me to look for my passion and offers concrete tools to discover my drives. She gives room to find my own answers and is non-judgemental. She gives suggestions but it is up to me whether and in what way I put them into action. I like that.

    Agnes IT Manager
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